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One of the Luck writers is writing more Luck online, where it can't kill any horses

Illustration for article titled One of the emLuck/em writers is writing more emLuck/em online, where it cant kill any horses

In a different world—one where horses ran forever, ridden bareback by an eternally young Nick Nolte at the vibrant age of 56—HBO would be launching a second season of its horse-racing drama Luck. Unfortunately, the production schedule simply became too demanding, in the sense of it always demanding new horses to replace all the ones that died, so the show lives on only in the imagination of its fans and the nightmare flashbacks of the horses who survived. But now there’s at least one more iteration: Former series writer John Perrotta is attempting to keep at least one thing alive in Luck by drafting an obviously Luck-inspired “ongoing saga” over at America’s Best Racing—an “imagined racetrack-based story” that isn’t explicitly Luck, but which stars most of the characters from the show and is obviously Luck. The chapters are structured like a cross between a script and a short story written in sparse prose, giving fans at least one writer’s idea of where the show might have gone. Best of all, hardly any horses died in its creation. [via Vulture]


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