The Siegel's on ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap

Victoria Siegel, the 18-year-old daughter of timeshare mogul David Siegel and his wife Jackie, was found dead over the weekend, as reported by Click Orlando. The Siegels were the subject of the critically acclaimed 2012 documentary The Queen Of Versailles, which depicted David and Jackie’s quest to build a 90,000 square foot mansion in Florida. Construction began shortly before the economy collapsed in 2007, though, putting a significant strain on the family’s plan—and the family itself.

A housekeeper reportedly found Victoria unresponsive on Saturday afternoon, and she was pronounced dead at a local hospital shortly thereafter. Victoria was the second-eldest of the Siegel children, and her father has announced that he will make some sort of statement regarding her death in the near future. The medical examiner has also reportedly finished conducting an autopsy, but no official cause of death has been confirmed.