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One NYC Burger King dressed up as McDonald’s for Halloween

Photo: Twitter

A Burger King franchise in Queens, New York dressed up as McDonald’s for Halloween, a costume that’s still not as creepy as the Burger King himself. (Or, with all those creepy clowns on the prowl, Ronald McDonald.) Business Insider reported that the restaurant “was costumed in a giant plastic sheet like a ghost on Tuesday, topped off with a shoddy spray-painted job of its competitor’s golden arches.” The not so clever costume—while certainly more impressive than Charlie Brown’s—reportedly did not impress P.J. Soles, who is still waiting for her beer.

This Burger King dressed up as a McDonald’s ghost. Savage level 10/10. pic.twitter.com/yxGRQcS11Y

— Elliot Tebele (@FuckJerry) October 25, 2016

Burger King should have thought outside the box and maybe gone as Taco Bell, or perhaps it could have gone retro with a Burger Chef costume. It could have even made itself sexy by adding some fishnet stockings and high heels. And, being located in Queens, it missed a golden (arcs) opportunity to go as McDowell’s.


[via Vice]

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