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One lucky actor will now be called Arseface (in AMC’s Preacher adaptation)

It’s an aspirational goal to which most actors can only dream, but now, lucky actor Ian Colletti (Fox’s Rake) can call it his own—having a line on your IMDb page saying you were Arseface. Deadline reports that Colletti has been cast in AMC’s upcoming comic book adaptation Preacher, in the pivotal role of a young man whose face looks like an asshole.

It seems like only yesterday (because it was yesterday) we were speculating about Arseface (or rather Assface, because this is America, no matter what certain Irish vampires might think about employing foreign lingo) and whether the show would lean into the character’s horrifying disfigurement. Arseface, a.k.a. Eugene Root, is actually an incredibly sweet character, and without getting into spoilers, some of us may have been incredibly upset by the backstory for such a nice kid. It’ll be interesting to see how the show adapts that storyline, or rather, how far it’s willing to go in fidelity to what is a pretty gruesome comic.


Colletti is now the second actor cast after Ruth Negga, who snagged the role of Tulip. More roles will be cast in the coming days, but none of them will trigger quite as many cross-cultural discussions as this one—in particular, whether there is any British slang that Americans find quite as funny as Brits find our use of “fanny pack.”

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