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As reported by CNN, a building has collapsed on the set of Martin Scorsese’s Silence, killing one construction worker and injuring two others. The movie—which is about two priests teaching Japanese people about Christianity in the 17th century—is currently being filmed in Taiwan, and the workers were all apparently repairing a structure of some sort that someone involved in the filming worried was unsafe.

This incident comes almost a year after 27-year-old camera assistant Sarah Jones was killed on the set of Midnight Rider, which set off a series of lawsuits and calls for change in how movies are filmed. According to CNN’s report, the Taiwanese police are currently determining if any laws were broken, though nobody involved in Silence has been charged with anything yet. The film’s publicist, Leslee Dart, put out a statement saying, “Everyone is in shock and sorrow, and expresses their deepest concern and sympathy to the families of the individual who died and those who were injured.”


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