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One Day At A Time producers still holding out hope for the show's return

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All I can say is that there’s hopethere’s not not hope.” That’s One Day At A Time executive producer Mike Royce, talking to a panel full of fans about the beloved (former?) Netflix series, and the chances of the Alvarez clan scoring some kind of last-minute salvation from the cancellation heap. Per Deadline, Royce was speaking at the ATX Television Festival this weekend, where he was joined by series stars Justina Machado, Todd Grinnell, and Stephen Tobolowsky (plus co-star Isabella Gomez chiming in with a video message), all affirming that the series still had a chance of survival.


“This is beyond miracle status,” Royce said, referencing an apparent possibility that the series could still be revived somewhere else.We just need to make sure it works out. We’re talking and we hope to have news sooner rather than later.” ODAAT has, of course, been the subject of one of the more vigorous “save our show!” campaigns in recent years, as fans have moved to support showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett’s warm, welcoming vision of a family sitcom that treats its characters’ emotional journeys—and its audience’s intelligence—with respect. Royce and company highlighted those values by running a screening of the show’s “exceptionally moving” second-season finale, “Not Yet,” in which Rita Moreno’s character, Lydia, is hospitalized after suffering from a stroke. (Royce didn’t hesitate to draw parallels between Lydia’s own recovery and the show’s hypothetical health.)

It’s not clear where such a potential revival might happen yet; usually when we talk about “surprise revivals,” the series in question gets snapped up by, well, Netflix. It’s not clear if Royce and his team are considering something like a jump to Hulu or another streaming service, but it’s clear that, at least as far as the show’s cast and crew are concerned, the #SaveODAAT campaign is still going strong.

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