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One Day At A Time comes to Pop TV in March

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Photo: Ali Goldstein (Netflix)

Pop TV is making a big swing for content in 2020, resurrecting Netflix’s unjustly canceled One Day At A Time and (just today!) announcing a new show about a certain woman from the Bible with Rachel Bloom’s Mother Mary. Today, the network also announced when we’ll get to see the return of Justina Machado, Rita Moreno, and the rest of the Alvarez family from One Day At A Time, with a press release revealing that the series will return for its new season—the first on Pop—on March 24. It will air right after new episodes of the final season of Schitt’s Creek before swooping in and taking up that show’s time slot later on in the season.


Here’s what that press release says we can expect to see in the new season:

This season will find Penelope exploring a surprising relationship, her mother Lydia experiencing a religious crisis—as well as revealing the details of her surprise trip to Cuba with Dr. Berkowitz, and Schneider finding his relationship with Avery growing deeper. Meanwhile, Elena begins to prepare for college and Alex starts to date.

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