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Once Upon A Time pilot now streaming happily ever after at IMDB

Like 1960s period dramas based around recognizable brands and sitcoms heralding the end of manliness, American broadcast networks went cuckoo for fantasy series dropping fairy-tale characters into real-world settings this past pilot season. ABC will be the first to open up its revised storybook this Sunday, with the première of Once Upon A Time—but the impatient among you can get an early introduction to the amnesiac denizens of Storybrooke, Maine thanks to IMDB, which is currently streaming the series’ pilot in its entirety. Of course, you know what happens to little boys and girls who don’t learn how to wait for what they want: They get eaten by wolves. Or something like that. Look, we can’t remember—it’s not like the archetypes and morals presented in the stories that inspired Once Upon A Time and the forthcoming Grimm have been perpetuated and elaborated upon through several centuries of storytelling. Maybe if enough people watch the pilot early, one of us will be reminded of what fantastically terrible fate awaits the over-eager. It probably has something to do with mice, right? Or women in bunny costumes? [io9]


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