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Illustration for article titled iOnce Upon A Time /iis getting its first same-sex fairy-tale relationship

A gay couple is coming to Once Upon A Time’s fictional storybook land. The show’s creators, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, said over the weekend that two Once characters will have a same-sex relationship on the show’s new season, though they declined to mention which two characters those would be. Fan speculation points to Mulan possibly getting down to business with Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora, though she’s currently pregnant on the show with her husband Prince Phillip’s baby. (Drama!) There’s also speculation it could have something to do with Brave’s Merida, just because she’s new to the show and doesn’t seem to have previous romantic entanglements. It could also be one of any number of other new characters joining the show as part of its partial move to King Arthur’s Camelot.

Horowitz and Kitsis says the move is both a natural and an important one for Once, especially because the LGBT community “has been a big supporter of the show.” Though both of their characters are seriously involved with dudes on the show, Once fans have long shipped Jennifer Morrison’s Emma Swan and Lana Parrilla’s Evil Queen Regina: Popcorn Love, a work of racy fan fiction about the two in the same way 50 Shades Of Gray was about Twilight’s Edward and Bella, recently landed on Amazon’s best-seller list for lesbian fiction.

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