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Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood's Brandy, 2019's It Dog, has arrived

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Last year, Hollywood was forever changed by the emergence of two bona fide dog celebrities: Olivia, the West Highland Terrier that breathed kibble-stinking life into Widows, Game Night, and Insatiable, and Charlie from A Star Is Born, a pup that showed an extreme commitment to method acting by somehow manipulating time and space to both play the role of and actually be Bradley Cooper’s dog.

As The Hollywood Reporter shared this morning, this year’s rising canine star is Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood’s Brandy, a pitbull whose contributions to film have now been honored as the Cannes Film Festival’s 2019 Palm Dog Award winner.


Sadly, Brandy could not work a trip to France into her presumably busy acting schedule, but she allowed her film’s director, Quentin Tarantino, to accept the award on her behalf. Knowing what fame and fortune is on her horizon, this may mark the last time Brandy shows such deference to a lowly director whose star is so much dimmer than her own.


Cannes critics have awarded the Palm Dog Award since 2001, honoring the best canine actors with glitter-glued ceremonial collars and making up for the Academy Awards’ continued failure to offer a proper, officially-recognized Dog Oscars category.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tarantino told those in attendance that he only truly appreciated Brandy’s craft while editing the movie. “I actually started seeing things in her face when I was cutting it together that I didn’t see on the day,” he said. “So whatever little difficulties we had on set just really melted away when I saw what a great performance she gave.”

The other dogs at the ceremony, likely upset that Brandy is such a megastar she couldn’t even bother to show up to the important event, stared blankly or glared at chair legs as they awaited their snub.


Their jealousy doesn’t matter. With such a prestigious award to her name, 2019 is set to be Brandy’s year. Very soon, her agent will be fielding calls from top directors and setting up meetings with Tonic The Cat while she travels to international shoots on first class flights, messily lapping champagne from golden water bowls and snuffling up plates piled high with caviar. Hollywood cares only for those who win and in 2019, that winner is Brandy, baby.


[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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