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It sounds weird for people who don’t attend film festivals to hear that a film received a seven or eight-minute standing ovation, and that’s because it is. It’s really fucking weird. A standing ovation is a nice gesture, but one has no reason to go beyond, say, 30 seconds. People have places to be! Just see the below ovation for the Cannes premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood, which stretches on interminably as the director and his cast nod awkwardly. What elevates this particular clip, however, is the cameraperson, who seems unfamiliar with the concept of “personal space.”

After capturing the crew in their collective radiance, the cameraperson pivots to a tight closeup that brings the lens this close to bonking poor Dakota Fanning’s forehead, then hovers there as she turns into this GIF before our very eyes. Margot Robbie gets similar treatment, as does Brad Pitt, who offers the slim thread of air between he and the camera a goofy little wave. Tarantino himself gets the longest closeup of all, and the snippy director responds with a tight-lipped smile and some Pulp Fiction-style go-go moves, which, hey, is more than we could’ve mustered.


If you’re wondering what all that clapping’s about, check out our Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood review here.

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