(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Kevin Mazur)

We’ve already heard from a bunch of famous women speaking out against Donald Trump and misogyny/racism/homophobia in general during today’s Women’s March On Washington and at similar events across the country, but one famous woman who didn’t live to see these rallies is still making her presence known. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, one of the big trends among protest signs today was Princess Leia-related imagery, with pictures of the late Carrie Fisher often paired with slogans like “A Woman’s Place Is In The Resistance” or “We Are The Resistance.”

They’re badass and appropriate tributes, due to Fisher’s status as a feminist icon and Leia’s status as a prominent member of both the Rebel Alliance and the Resistance in the Star Wars movies (two organizations dedicated to taking on villains that bear some resemblance to Trump, just in case that needed to be underlined). In fact, Mark Hamill was so touched that he tweeted about how much he appreciated seeing his friend memorialized like this:


As Entertainment Weekly also points out, Fisher wasn’t shy about sharing her political opinions on social media, especially in regards to Trump. In one tweet that accompanied a solid “hot air” gag, she called him a “classless thug” and “an entitled, elitist, racist, misogynist” who is “dangerous, unkind, and without empathy.”

Also, the origin of the “A Woman’s Place Is In The Resistance” poster seems be Hayley GIlmore from Ladies Who Design, and you can download the image (and others) at this link.