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Once again, nobody celebrates Twin Peaks day like Kyle MacLachlan

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Photo: John Sciulli (Getty Images for Cadillac)

Well, Kyle MacLachlan is doing something cute on the internet again, which can only mean one thing: It’s February 24, a.k.a. Twin Peaks day, a.k.a. the date when MacLachlan’s Dale Cooper first arrives in the eponymous spooky town in the TV show Twin Peaks. In 2018, when Twin Peaks fever was at peak levels due to Showtime’s very good revival, MacLachlan posted a video on Instagram that sort of recreated his first appearance in the show’s first episode as a little “Happy Twin Peaks day!” message to his fans. This year, MacLachlan has dramatically topped that video by constructing an extremely elaborate and faithful recreation of that scene for TikTok.


Well, “elaborate” might not be the right word, but it’s certainly faithful… in its own way. The original scene (which you can see below) was a little more mobile, and Cooper is definitely driving a car and not riding a stationary bike of some sort, but they’re pretty close other than that.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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