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Once again, Game Of Thrones is the year’s most-pirated TV show

Game Of Thrones
Game Of Thrones

For the fourth year in a row, Game Of Thrones has received the prestigious honor of being named TorrentFreak’s most-pirated show of the year. An estimated 14.4 million people downloaded the season finale, each person presumably justifying it to themselves with excuses like “the show isn’t on in my country,” “they don’t release the DVDs fast enough,” or “I shouldn’t have to pay for the media I consume.” The show also set a piracy record earlier this year, when 2.2 million people downloaded the “Kill The Boy” episode within 12 hours of its premiere, so it was pretty much a lock for this anyway.

The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory came in second and third in the piracy ranking, which is also a repeat of last year, but that doesn’t mean we’re just going to copy-and-paste big chunks from 2014’s article and hope nobody will notice. After all, that would be as underhanded as a player faking an injury during the recent FIFA World Cup and as embarrassing as when John Travolta said “Adele Dazeem” instead of Idina Menzel. Besides, we’re strong supporters of popular movements like the ALC Ice Bucket Challenge, so we’re clearly too nice to insult our readers like that. On an unrelated note, how great were Guardians Of The Galaxy and that first Star Wars teaser?

Anyway, the full piracy ranking is below, and once again we’d like to promise that this is a totally new list and not just a copy of last year’s.


1. Game of Thrones - 14.4 million

2. The Walking Dead - 6.9 million

3. The Big Bang Theory - 4.4 million

4. Arrow - 3.9 million

5. The Flash - 3.6 million

6. Mr. Robot - 3.5 million

7. Vikings - 3.3 million

8. Supergirl - 3 million

9. The Blacklist - 2.9 million

10. Suits - 2.6 million

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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