Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon
Screenshot: The Tonight Show

Stopping in to hype her plum gig hosting this weekend’s season finale of Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey goofed around with her old Weekend Update pal Jimmy Fallon. After giggling his way through one of his signature celebrity party games with the game Fey, Fallon brought up the various projects other than the SNL hosting gig that have made this yet another milestone year in the prolific Fey’s career. The Fey co-penned Mean Girls musical (alongside husband Jeff Richmond and lyricist Nell Benjamin) hit Broadway in April, with the cast album coming out on Friday. And the Fey-created Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt returns for its fourth and final season on May 30 on Netflix.

Speaking of the generous but ratings-secretive people at Netflix, Fey compared their relationship as something like a mob wife situation, her every query about the inner workings of the business met with the equivalent of them putting her off by ordering, “Give this beautiful broad a fur coat.”

As to her upcoming return to SNL—where she was head writer in addition to Update co-anchor with Fallon—Fey and Fallon revealed the sealed letter Fey wrote to herself the last time she was on The Tonight Show for inspiration. Sure, it was less than a month ago, but Fey’s written musing, “I wonder who is president now” certainly seemed a reasonable question, considering. But it was Fey’s list of potential sketch ideas that formed the bulk of the bit. And, okay, Fey was kidding around about pitching an all-robot reboot of Jersey Shore, a bit about someone bringing a cat carrier on a date (catchphrase “meowza!”), and a sketch about “Mitt Promney,” that Fey claimed “writes itself.” But, if not likely to appear on Saturday’s show—not even the one about a Playboy Bunny who poops little pellets—all of them would be right at home on The Girly Show, should Fey decide to grace us with that tantalizingly rumored 30 Rock revival after all. They’re no Fart Doctor, but they’ll do.