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On The Tonight Show, Tiffany Haddish reveals her career as a once and present "energy producer"

Tiffany Haddish, Jimmy Fallon
Screenshot: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show to promote her new book (The Last Black Unicorn), new series (The Last O.G.), and herself (the last person you want to mess with Beyoncé in front of), Tiffany Haddish filled two solid segments with her signature joyful exuberance. She even made a pair of host Jimmy Fallon’s inevitable party games entertaining, especially role-playing a first date with Brad Pitt, with whom, it seems, she has an “if we’re still single in a year” arrangement going. Shame he’s got all those kids, although Haddish said there’s still room for them to “get dinner and play around.”

Sandwiched between Fallon’s goofy bits, Haddish shared anecdotes about Girls Trip (Fallon reveals that his former co-star Queen Latifah sagely urged him to write Haddish’s name down before the film came out), The Last O.G. (Haddish has a stellar Tracy Morgan impression in her pocket, it turns out), and her former career as what Fallon described as “a bar mitzvah hype man.” Haddish corrected him, summing up her 11-year gig hosting the all-ages receptions as an “energy producer,” which sounds just about right for the delightful presence the fully arrived Haddish has shown herself to be. It’s also an evaluation apparently shared by the family of a late, 80-year-old bar mitzvah-goer who, attempting to keep up with Haddish’s dance moves one fateful day, um, died. Haddish claims she thought about retiring her “deadly ass” in the wake of her dance partner’s demise, but relented when the man’s daughter sought her out with a sizeable tip for making the old man’s last moments happy ones. Telling another story about a letter she received from a scholarship girl at private school inspired by Haddish’s famously re-worn Alexander McQueen awards show and Saturday Night Live gown, Haddish happily coined the term “Tiffany Haddishing it.” Like the gentlemen who left the world being joyfully Tiffany Haddished himself, we should all be so lucky.


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