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Bob Odenkirk, Jimmy Fallon
Screenshot: The Tonight Show

Telling Tonight Show host and fellow SNL alum Jimmy Fallon about his recent, fan-mobbed appearance alongside the Better Call Saul-Breaking Bad crew at Comic-Con, Bob Odenkirk marveled that he’s now one of the annual geek gathering’s attractions. “It was quadruple-intensity,” said Odenkirk, comparing the security-ushered mob scene there to being “part of Elvis.” “It was like I was Elvis’ leg,” joked Odenkirk of his part in the expanding Vince Gilligan-verse. (If you really must cast the rest of Elvis’ body parts with the BCS-BB cast, well, that’s what the comments are for.) Odenkirk was especially wowed at being the center of all that fanboy attention since, as he told Fallon, he as his “nerdy friends” like Brian Posehn, Patton Oswalt, and David Cross used to join the throng back before Mr. Show made him at least semi-recognizable.

Not that Odenkirk shied away from the Comic-Con spotlight, breaking out a Better Call Saul butt-tattoo at the event in celebration of the stellar spinoff’s Monday season four return. As the fading logo on Odenkirk’s re-revealed rump showed, the tat is apparently temporary, although Odenkirk joked that the fact it took a guy eight hours to apply it has him a little concerned. (Hey, Better Call Saul is at least as flesh-marringly worthy of permanent ink as that hobbit business.) After showing a tense clip of present-day Saul/Jimmy getting squirrelly while being quizzed about his manufactured Cinnabon-managing identity, Odenkirk moved onto a comic bit reminding everyone that, in addition to his late-career turn to award-worthy dramatic acting, he’s also an inveterate comic goofball.

Feigning depression at the failure of his can’t-miss T-shirt idea to take the summer by storm, Odenkirk—taking off some more clothes—revealed the shirt, along with its price-tripling but very necessary accessory. Luckily for the Tonight Show crowd, everyone in the audience got a shirt, as Fallon—dropping confetti and popping champagne—declared Odenkirk’s dad-joke brainstorm “T-shirt of the summer.” (Accessory not included—those things add up, people.)


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