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On the other hand, you could take Mom to Hooters for Mother’s Day

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Facebook thinks you should send your mom flowers for Mother’s Day, but what does Facebook know about moms (besides the terabytes of information it’s aggregated from her posts about fun summer appetizer ideas)? No, when it comes to honoring the women who gave us life, mere metaphors won’t do. You’ve got to go straight to the life-giving female organs themselves.

Presumably, that’s the logic behind a Hooters press release touting the chain’s Mother’s Day special, which offers a free entree to any mom who wants to celebrate her reproductive capabilities by staring at the baby-nourishing mammary glands of her sister womenfolk in a fun, casual dining environment. “Let’s celebrate all the dedicated moms that tied our shoes, sat through our soccer games, and made us who we are today,” Hooters global chief marketing officer Carl Sweat, who hopefully can tie his own shoes by now, says.


Mom can choose from a selection of items on a special Mother’s Day menu, along with the sauce of her choice, because no one’s more special than her. There is one caveat, though: The free entree comes only with a drink purchase, which is fair. Because if you’re the kind of person who, despite your mother’s best efforts, thinks Mother’s Day brunch at Hooters is a good idea, she could probably use a drink right about now.

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