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On The Late Show, the Avengers answer all your Endgame questions, steal toasters, kill a guy

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Screenshot: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

What with Avengers: Endgame coming out on April 26 with a guaranteed box office take of every human penny in the known universe, you can understand why Marvel/Disney is sending out its flagship superhero team on an all-out publicity blitz. After all, there might be some couch-pennies unaccounted for. Regardless, the cast of the mega-franchise has traditionally been up for being amusingly adorable, so we’ll let it slide. Especially since the likes of Don Cheadle, Brie Larson, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, and two of the three Avengers Chrises, Evans and Hemsworth, all dropped the wheelbarrows full of cash they’re constantly ferrying around to do yet another funny bit on Wednesday’s Late Show.

With Stephen Colbert’s staff armed with questions both silly and spoiler-adjacent, the dressed-down super-team dodged and wove with amiable goofiness in their filmed outing. What is Captain Marvel’s plan for taking down Thanos (since the Avengers totally shanked that one without her)? Is the Avengers’ greatest enemy indeed Thanos, or the occupational hazards of a spandex work uniform? How is Thor’s prop comedy game? (See, IKEA has these special tools, but Thor uses a big hammer, so you can probably see where’s that’s headed.) What is Mark Ruffalo’s last name really a ScarJo-style abbreviation for? (The answer . . . may surprise you.) Did the Avengers recruit an adorable flying elephant to the team, or did Stephen Colbert accidentally buy a ticket to the wrong movie? Have you found any kitchen appliances missing after Don Cheadle’s been over? (Next question.) Is Jeremy Renner funny? (Next question.) And, for one lucky Late Show staffer, is it worth being beaten to death by a contractually obligated Chris Hemsworth just to find out the end of Endgame? R.I.P., Late Show Associate Producer (and former The Onion staffer) Greg Reutershan. Only your loved ones can say if your sacrifice was in vain.

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