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On The Late Show, Anthony Anderson talks Dre and Bow's odds and getting shafted at the Kentucky Derby

Anthony Anderson, Stephen Colbert
Screenshot: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

On Monday’s Late Show, Anthony Anderson addressed the online ire of jittery Black-ish fans unsettled by the ongoing, genuinely wrenching marital troubles of his Dre and Tracee Ellis Ross’ Bow Johnson. The animated Anderson seemed perversely delighted at the all-caps warnings from Black-ish viewers on his Instagram post of a scowling Dre, taunting Stephen Colbert’s equally vociferous audience about the Johnsons’ unstable marriage. “What? 53 percent of all marriages end in divorce!,” Anderson shouted back at the crowd’s dismay, “I didn’t make that up!”

Anderson and Colbert spent the first half of their interview chatting about the actor’s recent good(-ish) luck at this year’s Kentucky Derby, where, apparently, Anderson’s goofing around distracted the woman at the betting window so much, an erroneous betting receipt cost him a ton of cash. After Colbert teased that Anderson has “star of an ABC sitcom money,” Anderson admitted he really wanted the bigger payout because he was looking forward to trash-talking his Derby guest, Tina Knowles. “You can’t throw $642 at Beyoncé’s mom!,” he exclaimed in mock disappointment. Pressing Anderson for some betting odds on the fate of Dre and Bow’s relationship, however, Colbert could only elicit the ominously noncommittal assessment, “I can’t give anything away, but it’s still sad.” Tune in to the Black-ish season finale tomorrow at 9 p.m. Eastern, then join the A.V. Club’s finale review for the sadness. Or not. Sounds like a maddeningly perilous coin flip there.


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