toyGuitar (Photo: Joe Leonard)

Jack Dalrymple may be punk rock’s most underrated crooner. Having fronted the likes of One Man Army and Dead To Me, he’s a scene veteran who’s always starting new bands to chase new sounds. His latest act, toyGuitar, is Dalrymple’s best approximation of classic punk and power-pop, and on September 2 Fat Wreck Chords will release the band’s new EP, Move Like A Ghost. Today, The A.V. Club is streaming the EP’s title track, which sees toyGuitar banging through a pop song with garage-rock swagger. In the song, Dalrymple builds a hook out of his own isolation:

“Move Like A Ghost” is a song about self-imposed isolation. When I get in that head space things feel a bit surreal, and almost like I’m a ghost haunting myself. I can see it happening in real time, and it’s a familiar state of mind so it’s oddly comfortable… but I wouldn’t say I like it. The song is about me being there alone and feeling a little helpless even though I know there is a way out.


Pre-orders for Move Like A Ghost are available now through Fat Wreck Chords.