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On its new song, Bleached develops a taste for “Sour Candy”

Bleached (Photo: Nicole Anne Robbins)

For it second album—Welcome The Worms, due out April 1 on Dead Oceans—Bleached added a bit of a punk flavor to the mix. Formed after the demise of the great, under-loved Mika Miko, Bleached’s debut felt like a reaction to the band members’ past, opting to make its take on a ’60s pop record instead. But with Welcome The Worms, the trio has taken a jump into the future, one that supposes what would have happened if The Go-Go’s never stopped being a punk band. The A.V. Club is premiering “Sour Candy” ahead of the record’s release, which feels like a total misnomer for a song that’s this sweet. Vocalist Jen Clavin may have a slight sneer throughout, but that only adds to the song’s bubblegum charm. Clavin says of “Sour Candy”:

This is my favorite song on the record! I half wrote it about myself and half was imagining a scene in a 90’s movie about running away, partying to escape your problems, and realizing that it’s not gonna fix anything. It’s about being self destructive and having everything be so new and beautiful and freeing that you can’t even find the negative in it. Until you get to the point that you realize you missed out on some of life by running from it.


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