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On its 33rd birthday, here’s “Blue Monday” played on old-fashioned instruments

It’s been 33 years since New Order released “Blue Monday,” a smash hit for the band that still gets played in clubs even today. In recognition of this, BBC Arts commissioned a group to perform the song—with a catch. The Orkestra Obsolete only uses old-timey instruments, in this case only instruments that would’ve been available in 1933, 50 years prior to the release of “Blue Monday.” Without synths, drum machines, or other production tools, the group is still able to recreate the sound of the iconic dance club anthem using classic instruments and even a phonograph.

What results is a unique musical experience that is a throwback on multiple levels, yet also reinvents the well known song as well. No matter what else, it’s certainly better than that version by Orgy.

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