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As we get closer to the end of Jon Stewart’s tenure as host of The Daily Show, the tributes are starting to arrive. Get ready for a non-stop love-fest until his time is up, followed by another week or so of heartfelt accolades and thinkpieces about the new political-comedy landscape. (And undoubtedly a couple of ”he wasn’t that great” provocations, because some motherfucker is always trying to ice skate uphill.) But The Daily Show itself looks to be cutting into the praise with a very special plan for its final Stewart-helmed episode. According to Page Six, Stewart’s last show on August 6 will involve an opportunity for many of his frequent targets to “basically tell Jon to fuck off.”

A pre-taped segment planned for the episode has producers reaching out to many of the people Stewart has gone after over the past 17 years, allowing them “their chance to turn the tables on him.” There’s no official list of which notables the show has reached out to, but it is confirmed that Donald Trump, a.k.a. Fuckface Von Clownstick, is one of them. Of course, given that Trump’s had no compunctions about insulting Stewart in the past, it’s possible he might turn it down. That would be a bummer—no one wants Tucker Carlson to be the biggest name on a call sheet.


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