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On “Capital Cities,” Kindling makes shoegaze with a hardcore tinge

Kindling (Photo: Reid Haithcock)
Kindling (Photo: Reid Haithcock)

Massachusetts band Ampere has been relatively quiet over the past few years, releasing just one split—with Italy’s Raein—since its 2011 full-length, Like Shadows. But the members that make up the long-running screamo act haven’t slowed down, spinning off new bands that showcase different sounds and perspectives. Of these, Kindling is the most out of left field, eschewing the chaos its members had been accustomed to for something softer but no less urgent. For Everywhere Else, the band’s debut full-length coming August 12, the band builds on its previous EPs wits its most immediate songs yet. The A.V. Club is premiering “Capital Cities” below and it shows Kindling’s ability to build a shimmering shoegaze song that can insert a hardcore flair into its midsection without feeling like a disruption.


Pre-orders for Everywhere Else are available now through No Idea Records.

Kindling tour dates

8/11—Boston, MA—Great Scott w/ California X, Kestrels, Happy Diving, Dirt Devil
8/12—Amherst, MA—Laughing Dog Bicycles w/ California X, Kestrels, Happy Diving
8/13—New York, NY—Cake Shop w/ Soft Fangs, Kestrels, No Honeymoon
9/16—Asbury Park, NJ—New Alternative Music Festival
9/17—Queens, NY—Footlight w/ Dirty Dishes, Infinity Girl, Wild Pink