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Omen prequel movie to finally reveal where baby Antichrists come from

The Omen

For some reason, it seems like the Antichrist—or at least The Omen—is pretty big with movie studios and TV networks lately. Nothing sinister can be inferred from that, but it is interesting. (Or can it?) First there was A&E’s Omen sequel series Damien, which premiered earlier this year to pretty lousy reviews, and now The Hollywood Reporter says that 20th Century Fox is developing a prequel to theRichard Donner’s 1976 original. Finally, after all these years, we’ll get to find out where babies (who are destined to bring about the apocalypse) come from.

The THR story doesn’t have any real details about this project, but it’s apparently titled The First Omen and indie filmmaker Antonio Campos is in talks to direct. Campos’ previous films include the thrillers Afterschool and Simon Killer, as well as the drama Christine.


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