Celebrities endorsing political movements is hardly a new concept but rare is the endorsement that references one of the greatest characters in entertainment history. As more states enact legislation legalizing same-sex marriage — and aren’t subsequently reduced to hellfire and brimstone — other states are starting to ponder this whole “giving everyone equal rights” thing, including Maryland. Enter Michael K. Williams who spent plenty of time in the lovely hamlet of Baltimore, Maryland shooting a small, relatively unknown television show called The Wire in which he played Omar Little, a gay gangster who also has the notoriety of being one of the biggest badasses ever. Williams, who has spoken eloquently on the topic of playing a gay character, has added his voice to a growing bi-partisan group — including Mo’Nique and former Vice President Dick Cheney — calling on the Maryland state legislature to pass a marriage equality bill, closing his ad with the message: "So join us… or Omar gonna came at you." No word if the staunch religious groups who blocked Maryland’s last attempt at passing a similar bill last year have recruited the services of Kenard. [via DCist]