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Olivia Wilde's directorial debut, the raucous teen comedy Booksmart, gets its first trailer

Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart debuted to a roaring crowd at SXSW last night, and for good reason. The actress’ directorial debut is a female-fronted (and female-written) riff on Superbad and Can’t Hardly Wait that thrives on the chemistry and charisma of its leads, Kaitlyn Dever and Lady Bird standout Beanie Feldstein, and the personality of its winning ensemble, which includes a scene-stealing Billie Lourd.


You can get a grasp on its raucous tone from the film’s first trailer, which finds Dever and Feldstein, a pair of fussy, likable overachievers, hoping to break bad on the eve of their high school graduation. As in Superbad, their misadventures force the two to confront their post-graduation plans, as well as what their friendship will look like when they’re not seeing each other everyday. Also, Lisa Kudrow and Will Forte are married, and thank god.

Watch it above ahead of the film’s May 24 opening.

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