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Olivia Wilde joins HBO's Martin Scorsese/Mick Jagger rock 'n' roll show

In what is proving to be an especially good day for the Jason Sudeikis/Olivia Wilde household, Jason Sudeikis is still married to Olivia Wilde, and also his attachment to a Fletch reboot has been answered by her attachment to HBO’s Martin Scorsese/Mick Jagger pilot set in the world of rock ’n’ roll. As we’ve been following for years now, the still-untitled series—to be written by Boardwalk Empire’s Terence Winter—will find that show’s Bobby Cannavale exploring new arenas of grifting by playing a record executive in the 1970s, that magical era before bands were forced to get all their sex and cocaine through Kickstarter. Wilde would play Cannavale’s wife, a former actress and model, who reverts to “her former Bohemian life” when Cannavale’s exec begins experiencing a label crisis amid the rise of punk and disco. 

And now a one-act play, set inside the Sudeikis/Wilde kitchen, right around dusk:

Jason Sudeikis: Hey, so I might take over the reboot of Fletch. I mean, it’s a role that’s already passed through, um, Jason Lee, Zach Braff, and Chris Tucker, but they say this time I might finally be the one. Oh, and it’s going to be “gritty”!


Olivia Wilde: That’s great! Hey, I also have news. I’m going to be the female lead in an HBO drama produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger.

Jason Sudeikis: [is silent for several minutes]



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