The ongoing argument over whether Olivia Munn is only funny because she’s attractive, only attractive because she’s funny, not all that funny or attractive, or both funny and attractive and undeserving of extra scrutiny over whether she’s funny or attractive will now play out before a slightly broader audience, as Munn has just nabbed the lead in the upcoming feature The Babymakers. The sometime Daily Show correspondent and former Perfect Couples star will play one-half of a married couple with another NBC sitcom refugee, Parks And Recreation’s Paul Schneider, as the two deal with their struggles to have a baby in the only logical way possible: with Schneider organizing a posse to help him rob the sperm bank where he made a deposit in younger, more fertile days. The film will reunite Munn with her Slammin’ Salmon collaborators, Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Hefferman of the Broken Lizard troupe, a gang that often seems to spur its own very fervent debates over whether it’s actually funny—and now those conversations are combined into one convenient story.