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Olivia Munn to hunt Shane Black’s The Predator with science

Photo: Image Group LA/Getty Images

Olivia Munn, having tried out the mutant thing in X-Men: Apocalypse, is now going to take on an alien—or aliens. Who knows, really? The Hollywood Reporter reports that she is in discussions to star in Shane Black’s Predator reboot, The Predator, as a scientist. She’ll be dealing with a menace from outer space alongside Boyd Holbrook, who stepped in to replace Benicio Del Toro as a Special Forces commando. Fun fact: Holbrook is also part of the X-Men family, playing the baddie in the upcoming Logan.

Black—who appeared in the original Predator film—has apparently decided to shake up the franchise by setting his story in, per THR, “in the harsh environment of… suburbia.” So if nothing else, this seems to have a sense of humor about itself—which is the least we could expect from Black. Just add Ryan Gosling waging war with a bathroom stall and we’re in.


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