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Olivia Munn hasn't heard from Shane Black since getting sex offender cut from The Predator

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A few days ago, Fox announced that it was cutting a scene from Shane Black’s The Predator after Olivia Munn informed the studio that the man she shared the scene with is a registered sex offender. The actor was identified as Steven Wilder Striegel, and he had pleaded guilty in 2010 to various charges related to trying to manipulate a 14-year-old relative into a sexual relationship. Striegel was actually a longtime friend of Black’s and had appeared in both Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys, and though Black initially defended his decision to give his friend a second chance with some acting gigs, he later recanted and issued a public apology for ever having supported Striegel once he read more about what his friend had actually done.

One person he has not apologized to, though, is Olivia Munn. In fact, he hasn’t reached out to her at all, despite the fact that he put her in a scene with a sex offender. The promotional tour for The Predator has been rocky thanks Fox said it was cutting Striegel’s scene, with Munn herself saying she was only making a few appearances out of contractual obligation and out of support for the rest of the cast. One of her few appearances was a chat with The Hollywood Reporter that was supposed to feature other cast members, but most of them backed out of scheduled interviews (most likely to avoid having to talk about this).

Munn told The Hollywood Reporter that she hasn’t heard from Black since she informed Fox of Striegel’s past, and while she appreciates the apology he released, she “would have appreciated it more” if he had said something to her in private before she read about it “online with everyone else.” She also notes that it’s “disheartening” that simply trying to stand up for her right to not work with a guy who tried to abuse a child has been a “hard fight,” with her saying that some people have been acting like she’s the one who has done something wrong. “There are people who get very mad at you for not just helping them bury it,” she adds, implying that there are industry people who have been making this hard for her.


Munn also pointed out to THR that it was “very lonely” to be the only one who wanted to sit there and talk about what happened, though her Predator co-star Keegan-Michael Key did put out a statement saying he had privately reached out to her last week to say he was proud of her and that he wasn’t scheduled to be in the THR interview anyway. So he’s off the hook, even if nobody else is.

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