Having already made movies about American leaders like John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush, Oliver Stone has set his sights overseas and announced his intention to make a movie about Russian President/international strongman Vladimir Putin. Stone let this information slip during an interview with RIA Novosti, a Russian news agency, while in the area to put the finishing touches on the script for his upcoming movie about Edward Snowden. As of now, Stone envisions the unnamed, unwritten, possibly entirely fanciful movie as a documentary, even though we’re pretty sure Bruce Willis would make himself available to star in a feature film version.

Stone said that he would like to interview Putin “to show the point of view that Americans don’t want to hear about.” As Americans do not lack for points of view on Putin, it’s hard to know what that means, but if it involves seeing the man judo-flip people onto their backs, we’re already familiar with that one. For its part, the Kremlin is aware that Stone wants to make a documentary, and the director recently met with Putin in person at an event in honor of Russian actor and director Vasily Shukshin, so the process may already be underway.