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Old friends Meg Ryan and TV realize they might be meant for each other, commit to NBC sitcom

After years of enjoying a casual friendship with television—those heady early days when they first met on As The World Turns, and oh, maybe they flirted with giving her a sitcom on NBC’s One Of The Boys, but then they went their separate ways, Meg spurning TV to concentrate her movie career, and TV getting mixed up with younger and younger women every year, until they’d bump into each other on, say, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and wow, TV hardly recognized her—Meg Ryan and TV have realized they might just be meant for each other.

Deadline reports that Ryan is in talks to star in an NBC series from Marc Lawrence, who also went from writing TV shows like Family Ties to movies like Miss Congeniality. The show would find Ryan playing “a sunny, devoted and desperately non-confrontational single mom” who returns to the New York publishing house where she used to be a hotshot editor, only to find herself working for her 30-year-old intern. Work and family complications and various instances of Ryan being a charming flibbertigibbet ensue, and when it’s all over, maybe Ryan and television will finally wake up to the fact that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Or at least a couple of seasons.


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