Graveyard Whistling, the latest from The Old 97’s, is out today, and the band’s marking the occasion by releasing the music video for “Good With God.” Directed by Lee Kirk, the video riffs on music interview shows, and features Jenna Fischer playing the host of One Hour And Sixty Minutes. She’s trying to interview the Old 97’s, but their drummer is AWOL, so Fred Armisen fills in for him. The last-minute switcheroo turns out to be a bad move.

Although everyone urges Armisen to keep his mouth shut during the interview portion, he is ultimately asked to play drums on a live version of “Good With God,” so it looks like it all works out. That is, until Armisen starts making threats on behalf of the real Old 97’s drummer. They probably should have just left that stool empty.


Graveyard Whistling is available on iTunes and elsewhere.