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OkCupid has no love for hate groups

Logo: OkCupid

Online dating, some argue, has reduced romance to a fundamentally empty, transactional affair, with the illusion of unlimited choice resulting in a decline in committed relationships and a rise in emotionally manipulative phenomena with cutesy names like ghosting, benching, and breadcrumbing. But hey—at least OkCupid has no tolerance for Nazi trash.

Earlier today, the dating site announced on Twitter that a user had informed it that self-proclaimed fascist and wannabe comedian Christopher Cantwell, a.k.a. the crying Nazi, had a profile on the site. That is not Ok(kk) with OkCupid, and “within 10 minutes, we banned him for life.” The site went on to encourage users to report any profiles they may come across for people actively involved in hate groups, with the implication being that they would be banned from the site as well.


Oh well, there’s always “lib-free” dating site ConservativesOnly.com, or the tremendous TrumpSingles.com, whose tacky, gold-plated homepage promises it’s “Making Dating Great Again.” We’ve even got a pickup line for Cantwell: “Hey, baby, how about you join my polygamous breeding pod and we make some pure Caucasian babies to serve as soldiers in the upcoming race war?” No, really, he believes in all that shit. A real catch, that one.

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