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Okay, maybe Spike Lee can get a movie made, as long as it’s a remake of Oldboy

Previously, we noted Spike Lee’s comments about his recent difficulties getting his next narrative feature film made. He couldn’t find funding for a sequel to Inside Man, so the natural response would be to come up with something wildly original or daring in order to prove he still has that flair that made him notable back in the ’90s, right? No? He might be doing a remake instead? The Oldboy remake that has been in the works since 2008? Okay, we guess that’s the natural step down from a sequel.

Steven Spielberg, Matthew Vaughn, and Danny Boyle were on the shortlist of wanted directors for the film at one point, but Lee is an out-of-left-field choice that makes the project more intriguing—assuming he ends up actually directing this thing, as Twitchfilm.com claims—sort of like Kenneth Branagh directing Thor. Rumors had Will Smith circling the project to star as well, but since he turned down Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, it doesn’t seem likely he’d go with another project with a similar risk to his wholesome image. Denzel, on the other hand…


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