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Okay, Jimmy Fallon, you win this round

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Jimmy Fallon’s recurring Ragtime Gals bit is, like so many recurring bits, something of a mixed bag. The returns, they are diminishing. But we are forced to admit that this one, a Backstreet Boys-centric cover of Sisqo’s “Thong Song,” is pretty funny and even a little bit charming.

Just look at those dads! Look at their boxy jackets! They are having such a good time with their tight harmonies and white pants! If we’re honest, we have a few notes—could have used a few more “bum bum bums” from the bass, and a little extra flourish from the tenors would be welcome, too—but all in all, it is an adorably awkward, wholly unsexy cover of a pop relic.


Naturally, this led us down a “Thong Song” rabbit hole, so here, listen to some others! Here’s Postmodern Jukebox, doing their Postmodern Jukebox thing:

Here you’ll find one of many acoustic covers:

Uhhhh here’s a LeBron James-centric cover by Sisqo himself:

And because it would be unfair to leave out all the other late-night TV-related “Thong Song” covers, here’s Panic! At The Sisqo, coming to you courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel:

You’ve now heard “Thong Song” five times more than you expected to hear “Thong Song” on a Wednesday. You can blame or thank Jimmy Fallon and the Boys at your leisure.

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