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Okay fine, here’s Joaquin Phoenix in Joker makeup

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix
Photo: Isaiah Trickey / Contributor (Getty Images)

On Sunday, we got a glimpse of what Joaquin Phoenix will look like as the Joker in Todd Phillips’ Joker, which as a reminder, has pretty much nothing to do with Jared Leto’s Joker. In that image, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker looked a lot like Joaquin Phoenix. The caption read “Arthur.”

This caption to this video? “Joker.”


In case you saw the projections of makeup on Phoenix’s face and assumed that’s all you were going to get, stick with it to the end for a glimpse of the actor in greasepaint. Not everything about this project has screamed “promising,” but after the, ah, detailed look created for Leto, this relatively low-key take is actually kind of refreshing.

Okay fine, here’s a screenshot.

Illustration for article titled Okay fine, here’em/ems Joaquin Phoenix in Joker makeup
Screenshot: Todd Phillips (Instagram)

Bonus points for the use of “Laughing,” by The Guess Who.

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