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For the past few years, the Chicago-based power pop band OK Go has been steadily reviving the creatively moribund field of music videos for the embed-crazy masses, one audacious single-shot classic at a time. From the backyard dance of “A Million Ways” in 2005 to the dazzlingly choreographed treadmill shuffle of 2006’s  “Here It Goes Again,”  the band keeps upping the ante with each new outing. (The latter currently has nearly 50 million page views on YouTube.) Yet somehow they’ve managed to top themselves with their new video for “This Too Shall Pass,” which features the Rube Goldberg contraption to end all Rube Goldberg contraptions. As you might imagine, the video is currently scorching the Internet and will be embedded on just about every website in creation before the day is through, including this one:

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