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Oi, Adrien Brody’s joined Peaky Blinders

(Photo: Presley Ann/Getty Images)

Netflix’s Peaky Blinders continues to assemble one of TV’s finest menageries of sallow-faced actors who don’t mind looking grimy as hell, with Deadline reporting that Adrien Brody will soon be joining Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy on the BBC-produced show. Brody—whose last TV project was History’s Houdini miniseries back in 2014—will play an as-yet unannounced part on the show’s upcoming fourth season.

Set in post-WWI England, Peaky Blinders follows the ups, downs, and accents of the Shelby crime family and their titular gang, waging war with the government, rival gangs, and the thick layer of oily dirt that seems to cover everything they touch. The show is expected to return for its Brody-packed fourth season some time later this year.


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