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The frickin’ geniuses at Marchex—some doggone data-mining/advertising firm—have announced that Ohioans curse more than residents of any other state, on average. This is the result of a study that compiled the data from 600,000 dadgum recordings of customer-service calls to businesses. (That’s right: When that message comes on to tell you “this call may be recorded,” this is the kind of horse pucky they’re using it for.) So maybe Ohio really does swear more than all the other mother-loving states in the whole dadgum Union, or maybe they just get especially crappy customer service. In any case, Ohioans in the sample swore about once every 150 conversations, which doesn't sound like so fudging much.


Since these Marchex ice-holes were already invading our privacy anyway, they decided they’d also track the usage of “please” and “thank you” in the phone calls. The results of this additional bullspit survey determined that South Carolina is the “most courteous” state, with the biscuit-eaters in three other Southern states (North Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia) cracking the top five. Oh, and the residents of Washington were found to swear the least, but fuck them.

[Via The Effing Atlantic]

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