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Ohio candy shop receives bomb threat over poop-shaped Trump treats

(Photo: Pool/Getty Images)

An Ohio candy shop is currently the subject of a GoFundMe campaign for a new security system, after its owner received a bomb threat over her taste in sweets. Fear’s Confections owner Cassandra Fear has been selling “Trump Dumps”—i.e., chocolate ganache formed into a poop emoji shape and topped with our current president’s distinctively awful hair—for a few months now, ever since her catering contract was rejected for the Republican National Convention. The Lakewood area candy maker brought the treats back after Trump won the election and again for Inauguration Day, which is when at least one irate candy hater attempted to shut her down with a phony bomb threat.


“Someone called and told my employee that there was a bomb in the building, she hung up, quickly took care of the customers in the store and called the Lakewood police,” Fear told her local paper. The Trump Dumps have been the target of criticism from the right wing, with a conservative radio host calling them out and asking why Fear wasn’t selling candies depicting Barack Obama as a “pile of shit.” The bomb threat call apparently came from out of state.

Fear’s friends have banded together to support her and her creations; hence the GoFundMe account, which is designed to raise funds to protect Fear and company from any more ill-directed candy rage.

[via The Avon-Avon Lake Patch]

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