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Oh wow, Owen Wilson is co-starring in Disney+'s Loki show

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Among Disney+’s roster of upcoming MCU-based superhero shows, few are still as shrouded in both mystery and anticipation as Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. The trickster god has always been one of Marvel’s most charismatic assets, after all, and as excited as we are to see the weirdness of WandaVision—or watch the ultimate bro-down play out in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier—the idea of watching Hiddleston snarkily bounce his way through history is one that’s decidedly difficult to resist.


Now, we’ve got a new tidbit of information to get our appetites for the series up, with Variety reporting that Owen Wilson has also signed on for a starring role in the series. As with pretty much everything about Loki—beyond the fact that it presumably has something to do with the version of the character who slipped away during the time travel shenanigans of Avengers: Endgame—we’ve got no clue what to expect from Wilson’s addition to the small-screen MCU. It’s kind of difficult to imagine him taking up the haughty grandeur of a Norse god, after all—although his “Aw, gee”-prone attitude will likely be a good foil for Hiddleston’s master planner.

Loki is set to debut some time in 2021.

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