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Oh, so that's what the Horrible Bosses sequel is about

When news of a sequel to Horrible Bosses was first announced, many reasonably wondered what could possibly drive Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis’ characters to once again risk imprisonment to off their bosses, besides growing bloodlust, and the arrogance that comes from not being punished for your crimes. But now the official synopsis has been released to clear things up: The film reportedly finds the trio realizing that, oh yeah, quitting your job is another option besides murder, pooling their resources and going into business for themselves. However, things quickly fall apart after a “slick investor” (likely Christoph Waltz’s character) “pulls the rug out from under them,” leaving them to decide, using the ironclad logic they displayed in the original movie, that their only recourse is to kidnap the investor’s son (Chris Pine, we assume) and hold him for ransom until they get their company back. And once they do, they will again be their own horrible bosses, as presumably the movie ends with all three deciding they have to kill themselves.


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