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Oh shit, there’s 3 seconds of new Game Of Thrones footage

Last night, HBO released a new sizzle reel full of goodies old and new: Mahershala Ali in that True Detective trailer! Meryl Streep’s Big Little Lies hair! Flight Of The Conchords and My Brilliant Friend! Peter Dinklage making a “whoops” face in My Dinner With Hervé! But fuck all that interesting shit, we’ve got three seconds of Game Of Thrones footage, break out your whiteboards and start diagramming.


It’s actually just slightly under three seconds, but who’s counting. In the little nugget, which starts at 1:10(ish), we see Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) hug, a moment that calls to mind their reunion in season six. This time around, Sansa’s got a stone-cold gaze locked in place. Is she staring at a big-ass dragon? A blond queen (take your pick)? Her copy of the shooting script as it digitally self-destructs? We’ll find out sometime in 2019.

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