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Oh shit, Roman Reigns and Helen Mirren are here in the newest Hobbs & Shaw trailer

Screenshot: YouTube

The first teaser for Hobbs & Shaw felt like a high-octane shock to the Fast & Furious franchise, leaning on almost cartoonish banter between Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) in conjunction with physics-bending action. The addition of Idris Elba’s seemingly genetically modified, self-proclaimed “bad guy” Brixton also raise the stakes in a way that we’ve only just begun to see from the steadily evolving series . The second trailer is here and this time around there are more bad guys, more slapstick violence, and even more sleek action from Vanessa Kirby. But the biggest developments have to be the super quick addition of Helen “Fuck Netflix” Mirren, who had a cameo in the last Fast & Furious installment, and arrival of WWE star Roman Reigns, who was confirmed to be part of the cast back in January.

While the franchise has meandered from its original, modest vision of hi-speed cars and greasy local egos to international intrigue and brushes with nuclear war, there are a handful of instances within the new trailer that may feel familiar to Fast loyalists, like the idea of turning to family when in need and, of course, the ever-reasonable shopping list of “cars and guns.” Even with the looming threat of a near-bionic soldier hunting them around the globe, the basic building blocks of what made the franchise a fun thrill ride are still present.


An “old school” war is coming to theaters August 2.

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