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Oh, nice: Geena Davis is going to be in the next season of She-Ra

This wasn’t for a movie or anything. Geena Davis just really digs archery.
Photo: Jeff Christensen (Getty Images)

Netflix’s She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power has quickly become one of the brightest delights of the streaming service’s young adult slate, offering a colorful, action-and-compassion-heavy world for kids to get lost in as they watch Princess Adora kick ass and make friends as the titular heroine. Created by celebrated graphic novelist Noelle Stevenson (Nimona), the show has already deployed two delightful seasons in rapid succession. Now, it’s been confirmed to be getting a third, along with the news that Geena Davis will soon be headed to the Fright Zone to play one of the series’ latest additions.


Oscar winner Davis will be voicing Huntara, a character who showed up in a single episode of the original She-Ra cartoon. Shockingly, she spent much of that episode hunting She-Ra (this is also a franchise where there’s a character named Netossa who likes to capture people in nets), before eventually being convinced to team up with her instead. Who knows what she’ll end up doing in the Netflix show, but we can only assume it’ll involve using a bow, because as we all know, Geena Davis was once an Olympic hopeful archer. (We all know that Geena Davis was once an Olympic hopeful archer, right?)

The new season of She-Ra will debut on August 2, making this the third season that the show’s released in the span of a single year.

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