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Oh Jesus, Nic Cage is starring in a "hardcore cop thriller" from Green Book writer

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Nick Vallelonga, the Oscar-winning screenwriter responsible for both racist tweets and racism-solving movies, has found a new collaborator in Nicolas Cage, who we’re guessing is only just getting his voice back after that viral karaoke rendition of “Purple Rain.” Per Indiewire, Cage will star in the 10 Double Zero, a “hardcore cop thriller” Vallelonga wrote with I Am Wrath screenwriter Paul Sloan that’s said to mix “the grittiness of old school Michael Mann with the cutting-edge style of Sicario.”


Christian Sesma, a straight-to-VOD action veteran, will direct, and, folks, Mandy this is not. “Set in the stifling heat of Louisiana, two police officers take on a personal vendetta to hunt down cop killers,” reads an official plot synopsis, “but as they get closer to solving the crime, they find themselves targets of a conspiracy in the ranks of the police force as the investigation leads right back to them.” What, did these guys see the trailer for 21 Bridges and get inspired?

Vallelonga is a busy man these days, starring in Alice In Chains videos and gearing up for his passion project, That’s Amore!, a musical romantic comedy about a woman named Patti Amore. Can Cage star in that one, too?

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