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“Oh, hi Mark Hamill”: Tommy Wiseau comes to Star Wars

Image: Pistol Shrimps / YouTube

As we patiently wait for the release of James Franco’s The Disaster Artist (or at least a 3D version of The Room), we’ll have to get our fill of bobo-auteur Tommy Wiseau via midnight screenings, memes, and reruns of The Neighbors, for those that can stomach it. For example, the below edit from Facebook page core-core brought Wiseau’s The Room character Johnny into the world of Star Wars, where he encountered yet another Mark.


Among those delighted were the comedians of YouTube channel Pistol Shrimps, who decided to take the meme a step further. In their rendition, Wiseau’s now-iconic assertion of innocence is seamlessly interwoven into the Force Awakens epilogue alongside a few more of Wiseau’s greatest hits.

Here, Wiseau’s antagonistic “chip-chip-chip” chicken sounds may very well posit him as a new nemesis. Hey, he’d at least be more interesting than Snoke.

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